Thursday, June 16, 2011


I first started this blog because I wanted a way to organize ideas and images that I loved. Now Pinterest is another easy way to do that and I am obsessed with it! You basically create boards and then save images to them. It's great because you can access them anywhere, they are organized by category, and almost every picture has a link to the place it came from. You can also follow your friends and see what they pin.

My home page.

It has great ideas for everything!


outfits and hair,

houses and diy,

and weddings and parties.

Now that I have the app on my phone I am really spending way to much time on it.


  1. I joined pinterest a few weeks ago, as a way to keep all my bookmarks, I use to use delicious but pinterest is so much better because you can see the picture right away. I too am obsessed! especially when the iphone app came out!

  2. OMG- I have to find you on Pinterest. I have a board called All Things Annie!


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