Thursday, May 27, 2010

lauren's makeup looks

Okay so I know this blog could easily double as an Lauren Conrad fansite, but I can't help it. Her makeup artist Amy Nadine has a great beauty website where she tells exactly how she achieves different makeup looks. I love it because I am not that great with makeup. Here is how she did Lauren's recent Glamour cover.

This technique is very hands-on and Lauren and I always work together to create it (I apply the product with a brush then she smudges it with her finger). First apply foundation to your entire eyelid (try mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch in Natural) and follow with a sweep of powder (I used mark Mattnificent Powder in Natural Buff). **Both foundation and powder should be the same shades that you used on your face and neck. Next, line your upper lash line with black liquid liner (we always use mark Get In Line Hook Up Liquid Liner in Painted Black because it's waterproof so it lasts, and the brush is ultra-thin making it incredibly user friendly). Start with soft pressure at the inner corner then gradually press firmer as you work your way outward and upward; the harder you press, the thicker the line. Follow with mascara (mark Scandalash Hook Up in Blacklash) and a few individual flare lashes.

Now here's how we took it a step further: Using a gel liner and small eyeliner brush (I used mark Keep It Going Longwear Liner & Shadow in Entourage and mark Flat Eyeliner Brush), dip your brush in the black liner then swirl it around on the back of your hand to smooth it out. Start at the outside corner of your lower lashline (so the highest concentration of product is placed there) and drag the brush inward (I use small strokes as I work my way across, but you can also do one big sweep). Then using your ring finger, go back over the line and smudge it back and forth so you "blur" the line. Then decide if you want to add another layer (Lauren and I repeated the process a few times for extra intensity). The result is instant drama and a great alternative if you're like Lauren and you don't love wearing any eye shadow on your lids.

She also did Whitney's makeup for the shoot. They are both wearing mark Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss in mPowerment Gold (100% of net proceeds go to Lauren's charity with mark, the mPowerment Fund).

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