Friday, April 16, 2010

summer glow

I almost didn't do this post after recently seeing some pictures of myself at a friends birthday party where my coloring looked crazy! I felt completely ridiculous giving "summer glow" tips! I decided to go ahead with it and attribute the awful pictures to bad lighting and the room being really hot.
So here it is....
About 8 years ago I became crazy about taking care of my skin. I felt really guilty for all those years of tanning beds and lifeguard jobs. Since I do not get out in the sun without putting on major is how I get a little color on my face.

Exfoliate with Kate Somerville ExfoliKate and apply Quench. These are kind of expensive, but totally worth it. They really work and last forever.

I love Soleil Tan de Chanel for bronzer because it's not to shiny and the color isn't muddy. Then of course pink lipgloss! I am currently loving Nars Easy Lover and Estee Lauder Wild Orchid.

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  1. i had a little post on Kate Sommerville too but i never got around to posting it. i love these 3 masks that she has, which i use like every other day. i do use the ExfoliKate which is my favorite one of all of them.


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