Monday, April 5, 2010

maya swimwear

I am sooo cheap when it comes to swimsuits. The majority of mine are from Target and I don't even like spending that much. I feel like they never look that great, so why spend alot of money on them. But I was thinking if I stick to my summer health plan for 10 weeks I will reward myself with this Maya Signature Bikini in kelly green. It's way more then I would ever spend on a swimsuit, but I really like it. It's a solid color so I would wear it forever, right?

Summer Health Plan:
1.Cardio~5x's a week
2. 30 Day Shred~3x's a week
3. Follow Southbeach Phase 2 eating plan
4. Eat out only 2x's a week
So I am starting today which means I will hopefully be buying this on June 14th. Keyword being hopefully.

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