Tuesday, April 13, 2010

so i think this is the best costume for today~little edie

There is a video store in Dallas called Premiere Video that has every documentary you could ever imagine. Mallory and I love documentaries, so when we found this place we were obsessed! A few years ago the owner suggested we rent Grey Gardens, so glad we did. If you saw the HBO movie then you know the story, but the actual documentary is so much better. Big and Little Edie are the strangest mixture of funny, sad, ridiculous and just really interesting.

The daughters of one of the filmmakers also recently came out with this book which is available at Anthropologie.
It even includes a CD of "the Beale's at their best".

Jcrew creative director Jenna Lyons described their Fall 2010 look as "Edie Beale goes to Girl Scout camp". Sounds fabulous!

Jcrew Fall 2010


  1. i LOVE 'grey gardens.' i still haven't seen the HBO remake, but i heard it was shockingly good.

    and now, i need that book. i can only imagine what that CD must sound like!

    p.s. thanks for dropping by greedy girl, fellow okie.


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