Monday, March 29, 2010

i ♥ magazines

I really do truly enjoy reading them. Every once in awhile an issue comes out that is so great I just can't ever seem throw it away. It wouldn't be a big deal except that it seems like I move about every 2 years. Everytime I am struggling to carry an 100 pound box of magazines from my car up to my new apartment I swear I am throwing them out. But once I have them neatly organized in my closet, I just can't go through with it. Here of some of the issues I have hauled all over dfw.


  1. Remember all the trash bags we both had from our rooms full of magazines from the pi phi house! ha ha. Last ones there still packing up...typical :)

  2. Yes! That was so annoying! We were there a whole day longer then everyone else. I remember I had a Pathfinder at the time and couldn't even see out because I stuffed it so full.


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